EVOCATION – interview (English)


Interview with Thomas Josefsson and Vesa Kenttäkumpu – EVOCATION. 



Hello. Please tell us something about the band, introduce the line-up, in a few words.


Thomas Josefsson: It’s Vesa – lead guitars, Marko – guitars, Janne – drums, Martin – bass and me, Thomas – on vocals. We’ve been around for a couple of years since 2005. We started the band in 1991 and we split up in 1993. We started again in 2005 and here we are.


You are from Sweden. Craig Land, the vocalist of English  doom metal band called DE PROFUNDIS told me that nowadays there is a monopoly for the Scandinavian bands at the market. Do you agree with that?


Thomas: They’re doing very good, maybe that’s because there are some really good bands that has become pretty big like In Flames. We have some persons that are making a lot for the scene. I think we’re always having good bands and good production but maybe now it’s more focused on Scandinavian bands because they’re getting very big.


At the end of 1992, EVOCATION was considered as one of the most interesting death metal band in Sweden. Why did you put on ice in the autumn of 1993?


Thomas: Well, we couldn’t agree on musical directions to go to really. We had too many different views on what we wanted to sound like so in the end it all sounded…


Vesa Kenttäkumpu: …bad, I think.


Thomas: Yeah, it was too much influence, too much power to moving forward but we didn’t talk to each other on what line to go to and following together so I think it was the best.


What did you exactly do in this “time of silence” between 1993 and 2001? Have you played in the other music projects?


Vesa: Yes, I played in a couple of bands and different projects but nothing in a serious way. We released an album but we didn’t go forward with that.


Thomas: He’s been working more with the channels, the sound engineering, stuff like that. And he’s into that more.

When did you exactly start the rehearsals again as an EVOCATION?


Vesa: It was 2005. That was the first rehearsal.


Thomas: That was just for fun, wasn’t it Vesa? First one. Before you went to town, you went down to rehearsal room and grabbed some beers. It sounded awful but you went there second time when you got hooked. And then they called me.


Martin Toresson joined the band in the summer of 2005 as a bass player. How could you describe his music contribution to EVOCATION’s music? What is he giving to your sound? Is he a better musician than earlier bass player?


Thomas: He’s an average bass player. He has a very good sound, he comes from punk music, he’s very punky but I don’t know if we care so much about skills. We care more about being tight and sounding good so he’s a good contribution to the band. Or at least what we need. It’s ok, it works out and we’re happy to have him.




And finally, after the long problems, you have entered a new area with a demo in 2006 with three songs on it…


Vesa: When we started to record we discussed within the band that we wanted to do a whole album because we wanted to release it anyway, by a record company or by ourselves, it didn’t matter for us. But then we decided that we make a demo and later a full album to get some interest among record companies.


Thomas: So we did the whole album first and then we did the demo. With 3 of those songs, we picked up what we thought was the best.


After the demo you have released two albums which “sit pretty high on my list of metal albums”. Where did you record such a great sound on “Tales From The Tomb” and “Dead Calm Chaos”?


Thomas: I think that Sunlight was the studio where we sound that we wanted. We listened on the Sunlight Studio productions and he (Vesa) was the producer and we wanted to go back exactly where we ended, to start from exactly where we once were and just pull the breakes and just go easy forward. I think it was Sunlight Studio’s sound over all.


Vesa: Actually the guitar sound is a mixture from Sunlight Studio and Gothenburg Sound. That was good to mix something between there.


In 2010 you have released another full-length album called “Apocalyptic”. How is the new stuff different from the earlier materials?


Vesa: I think at the beginning we wanted to do “Apocalyptic” like a brutal album. Instead “Dead Calm Chaos”, which is more melodic.


Thomas: Maybe the material on this one is not that melodic, it’s more brutal. We didn’t want the audience to think that we would go more and more melodic, we wanted to show that we also can make a brutal album. I think the musical achievements from all of us within the band are higher. The solos, the drumming, my vocals, my lyrics, everything. Maybe it’s not a big difference from “Dead Calm Chaos”, but it is much bigger musical contribution. I think we found ourselves.


What were the first reactions on “Apocalyptic”?


Thomas: The reactions were very good of course. We have gained some really good reviews in magazines but the average of the whole album has been very good. We have to be happy about it, no doubt.


What is the best song on this CD (according to you)?


Vesa: I must think… I like the song “Parasites”, that’s melodic one.


Thomas: It was a couple of weeks since I listened to it but I’m pretty much into the same opinion.


I really enjoy the cover artwork designed by Xaay. What is the meaning behind this great artwork?


Thomas: First we set the title for the album, “Apocalyptic”, and then we gave Xaay free hands. We gave him the title, we gave him some music. Marko was the main person behind the cover or in contact with Xaay but we said we wanted “Apocalyptic” and do whatever you want to and he did really nice artwork. He suits us really fine. We’ll certainly work with him in the future.


What is the lyrical content behind “Apocalyptic” album?


Thomas: I don’t know, I really don’t know (hahaha). When I write my lyrics I focus on what I am seeing, how I am getting well in community or around, how people are  feeling. People are stressed out, people work to hard, they are sick…. I try to go deep inside how I consider things, how I see friends of mine. I also try to write lyrics that suppose to make you stronger.


Are you going to play at any big tours or festivals this summer?

Thomas: We’ve just finished a really big tour with AMON AMARTH. It was really amazing and it was probably the biggest thing we ever did. And we ended it a week ago or something. Then we did 3 metalfest shows for Austria… Sunday was the last day. And now we’re doing this three ARCH ENEMY’s shows and we go back home, beside that we don’t go anywhere else this summer. We’re probably heading for the studio, spend time with our families, stuff like relaxing. This autumn we’re concentrating on a new album.


That was the last question. Thanks so much for the interview. Have you got any final thoughts or words?


Thomas: Don’t let the fools guide you blind!

Thomas & Vesa: Thanks!


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