NOCTEM – interview (English)

Noctem_LogoInterview with Exo – NOCTEM.

Hi again Exo! You are just after premiere of yours third full album, but after talking about if lets talk about few historical matter. NOCTEM exist 2001 year from and you grow up step by step in principle starting from demos. Now it’s change and young band start at once with full album often. I’m curious if you starts with NOCTEM now, you again will be record demos and EP or you will be searching of publisher for full album however? What has given NOCTEM from today’s point of view yours first demo „Unholy Blood” from 2002 year?

Hello Pawel, really nice to talk with you again! Well, this is a good question, I think the past is the past and we can’t change it, I really don’t like to look to the past so often. When we started this band we didn’t know anything about the music scene and this business, so we started in the way every band starts, recording some demos and promoting our work. Nowadays this is different because we are supported by labels, agencies and the band is growing up in a good rhythm. About our demo, its just a demo and I don’t identify it as Noctem nowadays.

I think about idea of issue of your concert album from 2004 year. Your issued „Live 2004” in time when your still have only your first demo. What that idea from for only one in your carer live album until now? That’s kind of albums was recorded after a few normal albums when band have a strong renown and momentally no have any of ideas from new album

Yes, you’re absolutely right, the problem is we had no fucking idea about what we were doing in that moment haha. That happened before a strong line up change, so we decided to immortalize that period of the band in a live album, it can’t be considered as a real album, is just another demo of our song those days. We will record a new live album, but this will be in a few years.


As we have been immersed not fall out to allude it to history of group about your second demo „God Among Slaves” from 2007 year already. Did it has help to earn contract in some degree with Noisehead Records on your debutant album „Divinity”? Really, from this moment on full turns supposedly only so begin acting NOCTEM?

Yeah, that was the beginning of Noctem’s solid career, but we can only consider „God Among Slaves” as a prelude to it, nothing really serious. Indeed we continue selling it in our shows, but for me it is a souvenir of what we used to be in our tuenty’s. It helped but it was mostly because we toured a lot and we were hungry of recording new music.

noctem_oblivionIt say me, if there was contract on one album or you have ascertained simply that there is not label for you have decided to search other publisher for „Oblivion”? Now German Noisehead still send me coremetal kind albums – definitely style than it in which you move, so I think that this cooperation not up to the end adjust both…

Well, we released „Oblivion” through Rising Records in Europe and Metalblade Records in USA, Canada and Mexico so I think it got a good promotion and distribution, finally the things did not finish in a good way with Rising Records and they split as label. We are just always for the best conditions for the band and our work, and as we are growing up constantly we demand different things now than when we were releasing „Divinity” five years ago, and a lot of labels wnat you to stay in the same conditions for several albums, this is one of the strongest reasons why we are constantly moving on. We are an extreme metal band so labels must know what they are releasing.

„Oblivion” has not started at you constant cooperation with one publisher too. Say me, as that these album have passed from edition three already years, how evaluate you under Rising Records wings?

Well, Rising Records did a good job at first, promoting the album and looking for a license with Metal Blade Records, but after that started the „no answering” period and everything became very ambiguos. There’s no relationship right noe between them and the band. Fortunately, I think „Oblivion” croosed borders and a lot of people in United States, Canada and Mexico discovered the band. We also toured a lot and did a good coverage for that album.

Now your native Spanish label Art Gates Records issued you. Such polish proverb is everywhere well but in house best (home, home, sweet home – similar in UK), as you think do there be label for at the end NOCTEM? Here I do not take under your note of american publisher and distributors.

Yes! „Exilium” was finally released through Art Gates Records in Europe. We’re very satisfied with work of this label, as you said, good friends from us and we can control in a very good way the promotion of the band, distribution, etc. About North America and more, in a few days we will announce very good news about it. I can’t say much more for the moment.

Noctem_ExiliumSo, talk about your last album „Exilium” time. Impression beguile, that it smartest disc, it is very rapacious, it is in less ornaments her but more fury. Will agree you with me?

„Exilium” sounds way more Black Metal than our previous albums, but this happened as a natural evolution of our sound, we weren’t looking for it or thinking a lot about this album. We were just jamming and start composing riffs and structures, then the sound came naturally in a darker way. I think it is smarter, but more complex in a lot of ways, it is possible „Oblivion” sounds more technical, but that must be because is more Death Metal oriented.

Title has opening disc work „Enuma Elish”, next „Apsu Dethroned”. First title concerns for Babylonian myth about creation of world directly, second refers to dull end of lover of goddess Tiamat. It say me whole album concerns for Sumerian mythology? What are texts about on „Exilium”?

Yes! The whole album treats about Sumerian mythology. The texts were written by Beleth, about several aspects of this topic. „Exilium” is the third part of the trilogy that started with „Divinity”, but it is a prelude, it consists in the very beginning of evil. That’s the reason why we chose Sumerian mythology.

One track considerably is on „Exilium” from the rest distinguishing certainly, I say about „Egregor” here. That is task, you treat him as enter to next track „The Splint Of Destinations” or it can give capability of rest for listener before it? First walks about it in my opinion, but „Egregor” have a deeper matter for you maybe?

Mmmm, well … „Egregor” is a prelude to „The Splint of Destinations” and it consists in a instrumental track. Being instrumental we can create a different structure for the song and it can go deeper in some moments, but its not more important than the rest of the songs in the album.

As I have alluded already, music of NOCTEM has gained on intensity, there is more condensed. Extreme style from album on album your today’s more and more clear. If you think, „Exilium” is that what do you want to do for now? If this album appoints place in music do you search for still?

Yes, I think so. This album sounds like Noctem must sound nowadays, more mature, deeper and more aggressive, a little bit less technical but more expressive. Anyway, our sound does not stop evolving at this point. This is only the beginning of our career.

Noctem_photo.live2Do you plan several versions of „Exilium”, some collector’s vinyl can version with video clips on DVD?

We will give details about this soon. I’m sorry I can’t say a word for the moment. But yes, we’re thinking about this. And of course we’re thinking in the trilogy in a special pack for the future!

Let’s stop on moment at cover art too. It is executed in other technique than for former albums, early was painted, here remade photo mum but however, feel in still morale it NOCTEM, it has similar climate of former that still. It is possible play in whole from your covers perfectly read style music that they co-play with integrity perfectly but probably, it most for „Oblivion”…

This was also a change we wanted so we could create something different, not what people was expecting, you know what I mean, another cover artwork created by Marcelo Vasco (who’s a great designer). We were looking for a change because our sound was changing and this new album open the doors for what is yet to come. And of course I think the artwork is cool as fuck haha. The artist/photograoher is Edmundo Saiz (photographer from Valencia, our city). You can find more info about him:

Special session of photographic that has proceeded be said on requirements effect cover of „Exilium” and also all layout I assume. Why you have decided without booklet on such technique, did not want you a Oblivion cover like? Lady from cover are not accidental model, sometime you have showed she other photos me and I will concede, that there is enough original and extreme model.

Yes, that’s what I told you, we were looking for something different and our relationship with the artist Edmundo Saiz started in a really good way, very natural because we are very similar people. About the model, yes, she is Anneke Necrophyle and use to do extreme work as model, she’s also one of the suicide girls here in Spain. „Exilium” is an opus that opens the door to the future of the band, this is one of the reasons why we wanted a change in the artwork.


And also you have changed these album on requirements image and robe of graphic internet site.

Yes, we changed everything according to this new album, website and social network designs. We do it with every new opus of the band and we will do it again with the next one.

Not give hide, that there are procedures on purpose supplement of integrity having and also somewhat they are marketing. You apply big note has get back for manner to that listeners you, as to be perceived want. You manifest distinctly, that it not only sound and also everything that encloses it is NOCTEM. Therefore, I am that in this moment on Spanish musical scene in comparison with sometimes curious position have when have issued „Divinity”?

Yes, we grew up with the years and since the „Divinity” years the band became bigger. In Spain we are the only extreme metal band which normally is appearing in the media and big festivals, along with Wormed and Avulsed. The spanish extreme metal scene is very underground, so visual bands are not well seen by the underground audience. Not very open minded.

You promoted former album intensively reeling several videoclip, if now you have intention to make several images for „Exilium” too, or do you will be content what it already is?

We’re actually working in new images, videos, of course. Soon we will give details about days, we did not stop promoting „Exilium”.

Noctem_photo.live3You promoted „Divinity” and „Oblivion” on concerts with famous band like SAMAEL, MELECHESH, KEEP OF KALESSIN, in 2011 and MARDUK, IMMOLATION, ENTHRONED, FORGOTTEN TOMB and IMPIETY in year 2012. I afraid to think you will commute with who on promotional tour of „Exilium”, I see it become from this that fame of largeness only DIMMU BORGIR, CRADLE OF FILTH or MOONSPELL.

Well, for the moment we toured sharing stage with TAAKE (Norway), NARGAROTH, ANAAL NATHRAK, EASTER FRONT and COPROLITH (Finland). We are going to tour more and more and always with bands similar to our music, that’s the best way to promote our band. I think we have to tour much more to reach fame like these bands, anyway that’s not what we are looking for, we want our way to be more extreme.

I think, that some audio or video material was assembled after so big amount of concert with such bands if curious so many and think about some concert publishing house good. You do not think, that at last issue it good time for some concert album or DVD?

We’re also thinking about this. But we want to do it in the future, right now we much more to give to the audience, talking about studio albums, live album will be great to release, but not right now.

And what’s about you another plans for future?

Tour more, recording new videos and continue promoting this album. Great news are coming soon…

So, I wish progress and thanx for interview again!

Thanks a lot for taking your time one more time! All the best!