NOCTEM – interview (English)

Interview with Beleth – NOCTEM.

Hi Beleth. Rising Records published just now your second album „Oblivion”. You new release is a new publisher too. What do you expect of Rising Records? Why have you decided to change the publisher and why have you decided to stick with Rising Records?


After Divinity we received some offers for our next album. Noisehead Records were interested in continue working with the band, but they didn’t offer the best conditions; just a matter of greed. Rising Records listened we were free of contract and offered us a good deal. We are really satisfied with the way Rising Records is working with us… and this is what we expected. I think Noisehead Records are not very happy with our election.


You recorded „Oblivion” in Portugal Ultrasound Studios 2 studio. Haven’t you found any studio in Spain which would go forward to yours expectations?

We know some great studios here but are very expensive and to be honest the final result don’t worth it. Daniel Cardoso is a great professional and we preffered to record the album with him at Portugal, the guys from Angelus Apatrida told us about him and after checking different options we decided to record the new album with Daniel. He was focussed all the time in the kind of sound that the band needed, leaving the job of recording to his technicians, so the final result is very fresh.


Did you not worry, that your new release won’t be as good as your debut one? Quite often some bands rising expectations and performance on first record do end up its carers, because they can’t make quickly (in year or two) as good album as first one, which was polishing by years. But you made better and more interesting record than your debut. „Oblivion” will make you stronger for sure.

For the moment we are very pleased with the feedback that Oblivion is receiving. The answer is being much stronger than the one that we had with Divinity. The metalhead community and press are giving a warm welcome to this new release. Oblivion is a creation of the band designed with a stronger personality and much more power and I think that everybody is feeling it.



On the other hand don’t you think that going on the top is a struggle and a  fight among masses of other bands ? You probably realise that even if you made a really good album a lot of hard work is at front of you?

I like to think that other bands aren’t competitors or enemies, I like to believe that they are brothers and we are all members of a community and we are here to help and support each other. Yes! I know there is a lot of work to be done and that excites me, helps me wake up every morning with enthusiasm and illusion. We worked very hard for this band and now we can see the results, so is very exciting about thinking in a near future after a lot of hard work.


NOCTEM is taking care of its image band. You have your own picture, which makes you different in so many colourless bands playing good music and that’s it. In your opinion music on its own can’t defend itself? Or is your look just the part of a whole image like Cradle of Filth’s or Behemoth’s. Who has created your image?

We create our own image. We designed our aesthetic, then there is a collaborator of the band that help us to build our costumes. The music can absolutely defend itself… You can see bands like Decapitated, Vader, Sepultura, or a thousand more that do not use a strong image. But for us it is necessary; the aesthetic accompanies the music and the show, between these three parts it makes a whole thing and is a way to be different of the rest of bands and gives a strong and original personality. Cradle did great records for years but now are only making shit and are focussed on their image… I do not think this is the case of Nergal, Behemoth is a great treasure from Poland.


„Oblivion’s” front cover catches the eye. Is so much detailed and only at first impression looks „grey” – if you know what I mean… It’s so symbolic, and first what catches the eye  is this, that it was created exclusively for this release (Noctem logo was combined with the background not just put on the top of everything). Marcelo Vasco once more time did the job, but this time I think your expectation was much more higher than in „Divinity” case ha ha ha.

Marcelo is a really big professional, his works are simply amazing. I think that this is the reason for him to always full of job. For the cover we contacted him and were talking about what we were looking; in four or five sketches he finished the whole thing. Marcelo is a fucking machine. He also worked with us in the cover of Divinity, and yes, we are very satisfied with our first contact, but for this time we were looking for a bigger result, and he did it!


Going back to „Oblivion” – the album is more aggressive, faster and heavier than „Divinity”. Even that is full of melody and diversity.

Yes, we wanted to keep the melodic parts, but adding a more aggressive concept and ambient. We felt that this was the logical evolution that we needed.


Apart of that this material is more aggressive, „Oblivion” is much longer than its predecessor. Being honest there is no feeling that it takes nearly an hour even with no bonus or what so ever:-). By the way – why does the album contain 11 not 12 songs? The title „Oblivion” consists 2 clearly divided parts…

You know, it was nothing planned, we were always thinking about creating a much better opus than our previous album, so we invested a lot of time thinking about the structure of the different sons and the evolution of our sound. „Oblivion” is the last song on the album and we also included a hidden bonus track for those that are going to listen the whole album, this tone is a special track that we composed for the tour that we did with Gorgoroth in November of 2010 and its lyrics are only available in the original booklet.


Do you like Rolling Stones:-)? I ask because first part „Oblivion’s” riff reminds me „Paint In Black” by Rolling Stones… Has any one ask you about it?

Not really. hahaha what the fuck! Nobody told us something like this for the moment. But you know, music is music and for sure we can be compared to several bands that created similar riffs in the past, sometimes is a subjective point of view, because the way you feel can be very personal.


Of course NOCTEM is not for the Rolling Stones fans, but fans of Satyricon or Behemot should be in 7th heaven, don’t you think. Who else would you mention as an inspiration during creating the album?

There are many extreme metal bands which serve us as inspiration: Dark Funeral, 1349, Bloodbath, Decapitated and also classics like Slayer, Metallica… we like to say that the sound of Noctem is based in a mix of different metal styles, but we are also influenced by classical and ambiental music; composers like James Horner, Danny Elfman or Hans Zimmer…


And what about lasts releases of Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir? Many people think that they are quite controversial, and make lots of room at the stage for such bands like Noctem ha,ha. Lots of fans reject these albums and stick to more „extreme” albums of English or Norwegians…

Well, here we say „if there is nothing good to say is better to shut your mouth” … I’m not the typical asshole that criticizes the bands and thinks that is in possession of the absolute truth to know who is a poser or who is a metal legend. I’ll just say that I don’t agree with the path taken by these bands and of course this won’t be the Noctem’s way.


The title’s song of „Divinity” was supported by a video clip. Trailer shows how big and costly it was. Lots of people, stuff, computer graphics. You must have spent a fortune for that:-). By the way you make sure you are promoted properly. I think your every step is thought twice. Does anyone help you with the band promotion?

Everyone thinks we spent a fortune in that video but the truth is that we didn’t. It costed us not so much money. Here in Spain if you have good contacts and friends can do whatever you want. The promotion usually is carried out by us, specially Exo. Rising records is also working very good with the band and we are really satisfied with the results for the moment.


When can we expect first „Oblivion” video? For sure it won’t be the only one, especially that „Divinity” was supported with few paintings…

I’m not sure right now. After the summer we have planned the recording of a new video. Probably before the end of 2011. We are planning the story of this new video right now and for sure is going to be one of the most controversial videos that we have. We always want to release something different, so don’t expect something similar to our past videos.


New release, and new website…What do you offer this time for Internet surfers?

Beleth: We are offering new stuff and a new site where fans can find everything about the band: news, music, lyrics, discography, reports, etc. We’re including all the reviews and interviews of this new album and also of the previous one, and the webmaster of the site will be adding new content about all the last news of the band.


You have just finished giving concerts in Spain. How do they take the new album?

We have not really finished, we still have 3 festivals for the moment. The answer is very good and that’s strange in a country like Spain where the scene is very small and difficult for the extreme metal bands. Anyway, we’ve been playing in Spain for a long time, in a lot of cities, so we’re quite satisfied with this. All the people in Spain says that extreme metal music has much more succes in other countries like Germany, Austria, Finland, Norway… and they are fucking right.


You did play together with HATE. How do you remind these moments with Poles? Other time you visited Poland with Ragnarok and De Profundis… You could compare temper of many nationalities. Which country were you surprised the most? Do you plan to visit Poland during „Oblivion” European tourney, which I’m sure you are going to have?

Hate guys are incredible musicians and we had very good times with them. We remember good stories from that tour. We were surprised that polish people are serious as the fucking hell. Here in Spain the general character is very different, people use to be more positive and happy, everyone loves physical contact and talk about everything. Of course we plan different tours through Europe and for sure one of the countries will be Poland. Your country fucking rocks.


As one of your inspirations you say Behemoth. Nergal is slowly getting recovered, they are planning concerts already. Maybe Mark Daghorn or Flaming Arts are likely to put you together for a tourney ha ha. But seriously, do you dream about tourney with any particular band? So that afterwards you could quietly put sleepers on, smoke a pipe, sit at the rocking-chair and remind these days with a smile at your face:-)?

Yes, of course.. I  have a lot of bands in mind. To tour with. Napalm Death is one of my favourite bands and we toured through Spain with them… Behemoth or Septic Flesh would be great. You know, their audience is quite similar to ours and we would be absolutely proud to tour with a band like Behemoth, for example; we will see, for the moment we are going to announce really good bands that we are going to tour with, so stay tuned!



You had 10th anniversary this year, but you don’t celebrate it in any special way. You say that at the beginning of the band you did not put as much work as you could. What do you think-what would it be if you worked as hard as now from the beginning?

Ten years are nothing. We will have time to celebrate 20 years of Noctem. I do not think the band could have worked so hard from the beginning, our situation was quite different. I am satisfied with the way that everything is going now and I don’t like to think about our past time. Five years ago would have been impossible to record an album like Oblivion. We didn’t have this maturity and experience as musicians or as band.


At the end just want to ask you about Polish accent in NOCTEM. All of you are equipped in guitar belts by Liszko. I can notice that they are not standard one but made to measure…

Yes. Helion, Ul and Exo are sponsored by Lizko Straps, they have some special belts that are taylor-made. Exo is also sponsored by Mayones guitars. Mayones actively collaborated in the filming of Divinity video, all the guitars and bass that appear in that video are from Mayones. Wereally appreciate Poland as a hard working country!


So its time to finish our talk. Take care and I hope one day we will see you giving a concert here in the country of Vistula River:-). And the last words are for you.

Well first of all thank you so much for the support and your time to make this interview. A big horns up to all the readers and polish metalheads. We hope to see you soon destroying the stages with us and enjoying together the mosh pits. See you soon brothers!