THE BULLETMONKS – interview (English)


Interview with Tyler Voxx – vocalist / guitarist of THE BULLETMONKS.

Hello Tyler! How are you?


I’m fine, as usually! Pumped to be done in the studio and ready to hit the road again!


You visited Poland last year whilst VOLBEAT’s tour. What do you think about our country like place to play?


It’s great! And I’m not saying that because this is a polish magazine. We had such a great time in Poland, on stage off stage and underneath! It was a blast! You people get right on with the party from the first second of the show. We were in Poland with UFO before we toured there with VOLBEAT so we we’re looking forward a lot to the tour! We can’t wait to return there this winter!


How was the tour with VOLBEAT? You had possibility to appear in some good places?


Yeah! It was great! One of the best experiences we have had so far. VOLBEAT were very kind to us and gave us an opportunity to play in countries we have never been to before. I love the band and their music, so it was just awesome to hit the road and the bars with them. Hopefully we’ll do it again someday!




What about feedback? People likes your appearances? Cause in my opinion, for example – you guys, rocked! At least – in Krakow.


Thanks again! We have never been booed before and we see on the sales in the places that we’ve toured that it seems to work. Of course we are never allowed to be completely happy with our performance so we keep on practicing and gaining skills. But I have the feeling most of the people that see us, come to like us too. The reactions we get live are always very satisfying and give us a good feeling.


You hear Poland – what do you think?




Do you know any polish bands?


It’s a shame, I know. But I actually don’t.


Are you going to visit Poland whilst promoting your upcoming album?


Damn sure! We are definitely coming back to Poland and are working on returning to Warsawa, Krakov and Wroclaw! We will have the dates for you as soon as they become available!

af1695907bDid you form THE BULLETMONKS with your brother Dan?


Well, when we formed THE BULLETMONKS Dan was on board from the first day on. Dan, Dogg and I are the founding members. I did have a band together with our drummer before THE BULLETMONKS though where I was only a guitar player.


What lead you to this turn? Did you want to be a rock-star since you’ve been small child?


Yes, kind of. I remember posing on my desk with a microphone when I was very young. Like five or something. After the boyhood dreams of becoming astronauts or something I started playing guitar at the age of ten years. Ever since, I wanted to make it with my own band. Many of my friends started playing in tribute bands but that pissed me off. I wanted to find some guys who have the will and the passion to do their own thing. Of all entertaining professions I admired musicians the most when I grew up, so there’s no doubt that that is what I want to do.


11hce9sYour debut album, called “Weapons Of Mass Destruction”, is really good. How do you think about debut material? 


Thanks very much! The debut album was originally our self produced demo album and got picked up by Napalm Records right away. We never expected it to go that far.

When could we expect the second album THE BULLETMONKS?


I got news  from our new label yesterday that the second album will be out in January 2012. So the wait is over. For all of us. The new record will be called “Royal Flush On The Titanic”.


What can people expected from your upcoming, second album?


We are extremely proud of the new material, seeing it’s been a big step forward for all of us. The first album was kind of a best of all the music we had written so far, where as this one is an album we wrote as a whole. After all the touring we’ve grown better as a band, and also our individual skills. So we have been working with it for 3 years now and it has gotten us quite far. We have a few more songs on the album as on the last one. 14. We wanted to make a good old money’s worth album. Some of the stuff has gotten heavier than we would have expected. I hope all of our fans will like the stuff. If you liked the old stuff, this will blow you mind. I can’t wait to see what the new stuff will make possible! Hopefully it will help us to continue to do what we love doing the most! Rocking!


Who was the creator of specific style of THE BULLETMONKS’ music? You play something we can call hard rock ‘n’ roll. It’s almost perfect mix of hard rock and immortal rock ‘n’ roll!


Thanks! We love both hard rock and rock n roll, so if that is what it sound like, it is the most hones music we could make, hehe.  We don’t really have a creator. It is just what happens if the four of us get together and write music!


From what/who do you bring your influences for music and lyrics?


Tough question. I guess everything plays it’s part when I write music. We have songs about politics, war, anger, sex, beer and on and on. I guess it depends on what we go through while writing the songs.


da9533a159Who is the main composer in THE BULLETMONKS? Are you the greatest leader who makes great part of material or you work more collectively?


I do a lot of the songwriting, that’s true, but I could never do it without my great bandmates. My brother Dan writes the best guitar stuff in my opinion, while I do most of the actual composing and all of the vocals. We are a band that loves to jam and play together though, so even if one of us comes up with an idea at home, we always test it out and develop it as a band before we put it together. Some of the greatest ideas happen when the band plays together. Of course it is helpful if there are riffs ready. Dan and I make sure that there are.


Best place to play in your opinion is…?


In bed.


Have you got your vocal or guitar hero who inspired you to start playing guitar and singing?


There are so many. I loved Slash and Zakk Wylde and was always a big fan of Robert Plant. There are so many people that come in mind. There are so many gods out there who’s music inspired me and made me the person I am today.


Is THE BULLETMONKS your first band or you played in another one earlier?


The first one that turned professional. The ones before that never got anywhere.


What was the first concert that you’ve seen?


JUDAS PRIEST in Nürnberg. I’ve been to a BEACH BOYS concert in Australia when I was 8 or something, but can’t remember anything.


Now kind of game, I’ll tell you word or name of band and you’ll tell me what is your first association:


Music: Rock

Heavy Metal: IRON MAIDEN

IRON MAIDEN: Live after Death

AC/DC: Shot down in flames!

Star Wars”: The Old Republic

Germany: Hofmann Beer

Rock‘n’roll: Party

BEHEMOTH: Still haven’t listened to it!


Thank you so much for interview! So the last words are yours!


Thanks, mate! It’s been a while since the last time we were over in Poland, but I can assure all of you that we love your country and are excited to return for many times to come! The welcome from Poland has been so great that we want to give something back somehow! Cheers and see you all this winter!

[Tomasz Kulig]