SUMMER DYING LOUD – 08-09.09.2017 / Aleksandrów Łódzki

Wakacje dopiero przed nami, ale my już planujemy jak godnie uczcić śmierć lata! 9 edycja festiwalu SUMMER DYING LOUD w Aleksandrowie Łódzkim zapowiada się w tym roku wyśmienicie. Zaczynajcie już rezerwować 8 i 9 września (piątek, sobota) na ten niezwykle donośny pogrzeb!

Na festiwalu ma docelowo wystąpić 18 zespołów, poruszających się w bardzo różnych muzycznych ramach, ale spośród dotychczasowo ogłoszonych kapel mamy już 100%-owy killera, który sam przyciągnąłbym na koncert stada fanów! Pierwszym headlinerem festiwalu będzie mocarne UNLEASHED! To będzie na prawdę głośna, agonalna śmierć lata! Pozostałe, nie mniej festiwalowe kapele to: DOPELORD, SAUTRUS oraz WOLFHEART. A to dopiero początek!

Będziemy na bieżąco informować was o aktualizacjach line-up’u oraz newsach.

Opis dotychczas zapowiedzianych zespołów (oficjalne materiały organizatora):

UNLEASHED – band was formed in Stockholm, Sweden in November 1989, and sprang from the ashes of the pioneer Death Metal band Nihilist.
Unleashed, along with a few more bands founded what is today called the Swedish Death Metal scene. There has been very few lineup changes throughout the years and today the band consists of:

Johnny – Bass and Vocals;
Fredrik – Lead guitar;
Anders – Drums;
Tomas – Rhythm guitar.

We set out to first and foremost be a live act. The bands musical vision was to keep to the roots and develop within our own style of music instead of changing with the winds. To this day, that is still our vision.
Lyrically, Unleashed introduced the ”viking traditions and values” into death metal music back in 1989.
And we strive to be the Chief Vikings of Swedish Death Metal. Meaning that we aim to lead and define the future of viking death metal. Defending and developing the content of these traditions and values into the everlasting future.
Unleashed has made numerous world tours and festivals since the start in 1989. Both as a support and headlining act. Wherever there is a demand created by a good number of unleashed warriors, the band will go.

DOPELORD – It’s smokin’ slow & heavy… founded in late 2010 and currently based in Warsaw, Poland, Dopelord is a four-piece metal band revolving around all things stoner, doom and psych. They are heavily influenced by the likes of Sabbath and Pentagram to contemporary classics such as Sleep and Electric Wizard.

Having released their raw-riffage, no-compromise “Magicks Rites” debut back in 2012, Dopelord have moved on to experimenting with more complex song structures, additional vocal tracks and an even heavier sound. This came to a realization with 2014’s “Black Arts, Riff Worship and Weed Cult”. The band has taken another step in this direction in 2016, entering the studio to record their third album, aiming for darker, thicker fuzzes, a more psychedelic sound and a better production. Their efforts saw the light of day in January 2017, marking the release of “Children of the Haze”. The album contains 40 minutes of heavy riffs, haunted vocals and spacey solos split into 6 tracks, ranging from super-slow doomy giants to fast-paced whirls on the verge of punk.

Grzegorz Pawłowski – guitar;
Piotr Zin – bass & voice;
Paweł Mioduchowski – guitar & voice;
Tomasz Walczak – drums.

SAUTRUS –  kapela grająca ciężki psychodeliczny rock. Pochodzi z północnej Polski i została założona w 2010 roku. Łączy ze sobą elementy późnych lat 60′ z nowszymi metalowymi brzmieniami, tworząc unikalną i charakterystyczną muzykę, docenianą przez fachowe pisma i znanych blogerów na całym świecie. SautruS nagrał dotychczas dwa albumy: EP „Kuelmaggah misticism„(2012) oraz LP „REED: Chapter One”(2014 – Pink Tank Records). Mają za sobą trasy w Polsce, w Niemczech, Belgii, Holandii i Austrii. Do tej pory dzielili scenę z takimi kapelami jak: Ampacity, Blindead, Blues Pills, Belzebong, Dopelord, Grandloom, Greenleaf, Mars Red Sky, Planet of Zeus, Samsara Blues Experiment, Uriah Heep i wielu innych. Najnowsze wydawnictwo „Anthony Hill” dostępne już w Maju, 2017.
Weno Winter – Vocals
Michał Nowak – Guitar
Piotr 'Ochota' Ochociński – Drums
Michał Młyniec – Bass

WOLFHEART – the most overworked and undervalued busy bee on the Finnish metal scene, Tuomas Saukkonen buried all of his former metal music projects – Before The Dawn, Black Sun Aeon, Dawn Of Solace and RoutaSielu – in favor of a new entity, Wolfheart. From February 2013 onwards, the name Wolfheart has become synonymous with atmospheric yet brutal Winter Metal. After completing the then-project’s debut album Winterborn (2013) almost entirely by himself with just Mika Lammassaari as his guest soloist on guitar, the man was met with roaring critical success and the album heralded as the best debut of the year in the annual Record Store customers’ poll.
Since the spring of 2014 Wolfheart has been a real, touring band and, in addition to the debut, has now two albums, Shadow World (2015) and Tyhjyys (2017), under their belt, along with several remarkable festival appearances and a European Tour to boot.

Three albums into their career, Wolfheart has become a staple in extraordinarily well-crafted melodic death metal, blending a plethora of musical elements ranging from acoustic, fragile passages to harsh black/death metal and undulating, atmospheric doom, whichever mode whenever serves the purpose of the song.
Wolfheart’s 3rd effort and tour-de-force to date, “Tyhjyys” (“Emptiness”) brings forth a dramatic, cinematic dimension to the music and turns Winter Metal into an all-encompassing experience.

“Tyhjyys” takes the listener to a ride in the cold and leaves him to the mercy of majestic northern woodlands. Like a living thing, Wolfheart’s music now breathes in sync with the awe-inspiring forces of nature; unforgiving, destructive and detached from the fates of men like a gale force blizzard, sweeping the frozen expanse where only wild wolves trot. Beneath the layer of harsh musical ice beats the warm heart of a beast, humbled before the majesty of The Great White North, howling up to the night sky where the stars shine ever colder. The wolf sings the song of freedom, solitude and cold; the song bone-chilling and mesmerizingly beautiful, awe-inspiring and enticing; deadly in its brutality yet infinitely beautiful and delicate as snowflakes.

Tuomas Saukkonen: Guitar, Vocals;
Mika Lammassaari: Lead guitar;
Joonas Kauppinen: Drums;
Lauri Silvonen: Bass, backing vocals.

Kiedy: 08.09.17 – 09.09.17;
Gdzie: Aleksandrów Łódzki (MOSiR), obok Łodzi;


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